Referral spam removal

In the middle of the night I was checking my Google Analytics statistic about my website. Where did the users came from, what articles did they read and stuff like that. In the first moment I saw that a lot of users come from other websites like, Interesting, why are they directing visitors to my website? I started to be happy, what a nice thing from them, but I was wrong. After looking up more on Analytics I found a lot of similar referrals.

fig. 1 – list of spammer domains

At that moment my happiness turned into anger. What should I do? Should I contact them and ask to stop it? Naaah, they probably wont even read my mail. Should I contact my domain host? Naaah, takes too long to solve anything. If I want to solve it fast and effectively, than I have to step in.  In fig. 1 you can see the lost of spammer domains.

But, what kind of spamming is this? Basically they send visitors from these addresses, so when the website administrator checks the analytics data sees a lot of domains (ads) with search engine optimization. SEO is very important of course, but not this kind of SEO. Who invented this method should burn in hell for this. Why does this bother me? It`s simple, it eats up my server resources and slows down my website. I wrote this article in order to help other website admins to solve this problem.

If you decide to go reading further this article, you will find a step by step guide blocking these domains.

Step 1 – finding the spammer domains

Enter your Google Analytics panel, and under Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels you will find the referrals to your website. If you find crappy domains like, or other that are shown below than you should copy them into a Notepad and save it.

fig. 2 – Google Analytics website data visualization

Step 2 – Opening up CPanel 

Cpanel is a commonly used interface for website administrators, from here you can manage your email accounts, SSH accounts, manage databases and sub domains, almost everything. It is not free, but a very robust tool. I have more than 7 years of experience with it.

Scroll down a little bit, and under Security tab, choose IP Blocker option.

fig. 3 – CPanel main page

Step 3 – Banning the spammers

After hitting the IP Blocker options you get this page. Now just copy-paste the domains you saved before from Google Analytics to the input field, one by one than click “Add”.

fig. 3 – Cpanel IP Blocker tool

These are the IP addresses that are associated with the domains I got referrals from. My advice is to add these too to your list.

Step 4 – Finish

If you have followed these steps you should get rid of the spammers, but check your website data regularly, and if anything new shows up block those too.

In case you need any kind of help feel free to contact me, I am sure we can solve it.