What are Arduino microcontrollers?

This post is about a short introduction for newbies about microcontrollers, especially about Arduino branded boards.

What is a microcontroller?

A microcontroller chip under a microscope
A microcontroller chip under a microscope

A microcontroller is basically a one chip computer, every component a computer needs to have in a single integrated circuit. It contains a processor core, memory, and many programmable IO (input and output) ports. They are used in embedded projects and mostly in automatically controlled devices like tools, automobiles, medical devices, remote controls, toys, microwaves, washing machine and so on. Basically we are surrounded with them almost everywhere. Continue reading What are Arduino microcontrollers?

Hello world!

As this is the first journal entry, I have no idea how could I start it. Writing fancy welcome texts and greetings would be fine but, those are old cliches. I present instead the idea, where did my idea come to create this blog.

Who am I?

At the moment I`m a student of the University of Oradea, more accurately at the Faculty of Electronic Systems. I have many years of experience and knowledge in coding, especially PHP/CSS/HTML and also in low level programming languages, like C. I have basics knowledge about physics and electronics too. Continue reading Hello world!