Referral spam removal

In the middle of the night I was checking my Google Analytics statistic about my website. Where did the users came from, what articles did they read and stuff like that. In the first moment I saw that a lot of users come from other websites like, Interesting, why are they directing visitors to my website? I started to be happy, what a nice thing from them, but I was wrong. After looking up more on Analytics I found a lot of similar referrals.

fig. 1 – list of spammer domains

At that moment my happiness turned into anger. What should I do? Should I contact them and ask to stop it? Naaah, they probably wont even read my mail. Should I contact my domain host? Naaah, takes too long to solve anything. If I want to solve it fast and effectively, than I have to step in.  In fig. 1 you can see the lost of spammer domains.

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Sony Play Station Portable (PSP 1004) display replacement

Today I`m going to show how to replace the display of a Sony Play Station Portable (or just simply PSP) model 1004. This was one of the first series of PSPs, the fat model, one of the most popular handheld consoles on the market.

It is still popular but its reputation decreased caused by the newest model, the Ps vita and due to the increasing market share of smartphones. I think smartphones are just great,…but not for gaming. It’s a pain in the ass when playing FPS, racing or sandbox style games. The graphics can be great, but – the gaming experience and control is way beyond what it should be.

But thats all for the introduction and history class, now lets see whats inside the box and how to fix it. I’m going to guid you trough the main steps involed in replaceing the display of this beauty. Enjoy the video.

Hello world!

As this is the first journal entry, I have no idea how could I start it. Writing fancy welcome texts and greetings would be fine but, those are old cliches. I present instead the idea, where did my idea come to create this blog.

Who am I?

At the moment I`m a student of the University of Oradea, more accurately at the Faculty of Electronic Systems. I have many years of experience and knowledge in coding, especially PHP/CSS/HTML and also in low level programming languages, like C. I have basics knowledge about physics and electronics too. Continue reading Hello world!