Hello world!

As this is the first journal entry, I have no idea how could I start it. Writing fancy welcome texts and greetings would be fine but, those are old cliches. I present instead the idea, where did my idea come to create this blog.

Who am I?

At the moment Im a student of the University of Oradea, more accurately at the Faculty of Electronic Systems. I have many years of experience and knowledge in coding, especially PHP/CSS/HTML and also in low level programming languages, like C. I have basics knowledge about physics and electronics too.


At the beginning of my high school studies I had a teacher..., a teacher that I loved because he could do his job well and understood what he was teaching, and hated on the other side. I hated him because we had to keep every test paper we written, every notebook with all the lessons we had during the whole semester because we got marks for them at the end. We had to take care of those useless things and I was very mad about this because I always lost everything. But a few years later, I realized how smart he was, and how he tried to teach us something that was not about his subject, but about life. The lesson he tried to teach me, today is clear and I regret that I only realize it now. Id like to say thanks for that, he taught me back than.

Moreover I consider that keeping track of my work with a blog its extremely useful for me, and also for others. This way my portfolio will be visible for everyone and helps me and others too. I have done a lot of interesting projects but a lot of them has been lost or deleted because I did not need them at that moment. Its  shame because during these years Ive been experimenting with many electronics and coding stuff.

What about the content?

As I mentioned before, I have knowledge in several programming languages and in electronics. So this blog will be about tutorials, presenting my projects, and things Ive created with explanations and images, videos about.  Almost two years ago I have discovered micro controller boards like Arduino and many others. Since than I have been playing with them often and I gained knowledge more deeply in microelectronics too. I found them very useful and easy to use, like they would be designed for coders to use.

As a conclusion I don`t have anything more to tell, so this will be a short and ugly ending for this entry.